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Safe. Compliant. American.

Patient-centered. Science-based.

From extraction to hardware and every step in between, VapeSAFER members commit to the highest levels of consumer safety. All VapeSAFER member products brought to market have been tested for comprehensive quality assurance standards.

Our members put consumers above profit by selling products which have passed independent analyses for:


Toxic compounds that are naturally produced by certain types of molds


Vitamin E acetate is sometimes used to dilute THC oil in vape cartridges, especially in cheap or black market hardware.


Bootleg cannabis vaping cartridges have been shown to contain dangerous pesticides linked to lung illnesses.

Heavy Metals

Poor raw material selection or cheaply made hardware may result in unsafe exposure to heavy metals.

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VapeSAFER is the only Unified Cannabis Vaping Industry Voice. We are engaging with Lawmakers and Policymakers to set the Standard for Safe, Compliant Vaping

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