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We work to make cannabis vaping safer and federal policy smarter.

The state legal cannabis vaporization economy supports jobs and tax revenues across the country. VapeSAFER fights to give these businesses and working Americans a voice.

Governments shouldn’t regulate or tax cannabis like tobacco, because millions of Americans use it according to state law under the direction of their health care provider for chronic illness.

Ill-considered federal legislation that groups cannavaping products into the same regulatory category as cigarettes and other tobacco products is both medically ignorant and economically burdensome on businesses and consumers alike. Policies that hinder the growth of America’s legal, compliant cannabis sector only serves to perpetuate the illicit market. We’re working to bring federal policy into the 21st century. Learn more.

Science-based standards to empower consumers and patients to make informed decisions about their own healthcare.

From extraction to cartridge and every step in between, VapeSAFER members commit to the highest levels of consumer safety. All VapeSAFER members partner with independent labs to conduct rigorous analyses for quality assurance. Learn more.

Illicit vaping hardware is dangerous. VapeSAFER works to ensure US consumers have access to quality, compliant vapes by bringing business and policymakers together to put patients and consumers first.

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About VapeSAFER
VapeSAFER is the only Unified Cannabis Vaping Industry Voice. We are engaging with Lawmakers and Policymakers to set the Standard for Safe, Compliant Vaping

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