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Our Guiding Principles

We collaborate with and educate key stakeholders to ensure the industry is subjected to an appropriate regulatory scheme that recognizes our products’ unique attributes and benefits.

We believe that unreasonable restrictions are detrimental to consumer safety and threaten adult consumer choice.

We evaluate and promote safety standards for hardware and ingredients, protecting consumers and forming the basis for future regulation.

We advocate for policy that promotes responsible, accurate, and appropriately informative packaging, labeling, and marketing, especially those that prevent marketing to minors.

We encourage and promote objective scientific research designed to inform policymakers and other stakeholders.

Safety &



Vapor Device Registries 

Labeling & Advertising

Vape 101

Cannabis is heated at lower temperatures than smoking, producing a vapor for inhalation.

Is one of the fastest growing cannabis segments, reaching >$5B by 2023.*.

Represents 23.2% share of all cannabis products.**

Unlike most nicotine vapes, is sold in age-gated environments, with domestically-produced oils and are subject to laboratory testing.

Delivers cannabinoids without the harmful combustion byproducts.

Provides convenience and discretion to consumers.

**Headset Data, 2022
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About VapeSAFER
VapeSAFER is the only Unified Cannabis Vaping Industry Voice. We are engaging with Lawmakers and Policymakers to set the Standard for Safe, Compliant Vaping

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